Friday, 21 October 2011

Eastenders: The Recasts

Some people may like the 'new Lauren' and 'new Ben'. But people taking to the characters is not the point. It's not the point at all.

If for example Phil Mitchell was recast, there would be people who liked the recast. Especially if he was recast to being a younger, handsome guy.

There would be women saying "I like the recast, he's younger and handsome now".

But it does not mean he should have been recast in the first place.

Eastenders is supposed to be set in the real world. Obviously storylines can be far fetched as it is. And a suspension of disbelief is required, as with all fiction.

As such, the physical aspects of the programme, the sets, the production values need to be kept as realistic as possible. It needs to look real. it needs to feel real.
So it's like dropping in to a real community.

Madeline Duggan was Lauren. Charlie Jones was Ben.

Eastenders isn't a radio show. it's a television programme. And we can see that that is not Lauren. And that is not Ben.

These characters where both being played by actors. As such their recasts where completely and totally unnecessary.

The actress who's been brought in to play 'nu Lauren' is not a better actress than the one already playing her.

And even if she was, what takes you out of a show more, acting you don't find particularly stunning, or a character suddenly changing in to another person!?

Recasting a character we've seen onscreen for years defeats the very purpose of acting. It takes the viewer out of the programme and destroys credibility and realism.

Lauren was not a child. She was a teenager. 15, a year away from legally being considered an adult. Nor was she a bit character. She was in the show for years. And I never heard anyone complain about her acting until Kirkwood needlessly replaced her and Eastenders cult like loyal followers use excuses for his actions.

If Lauren and Ben where sent packing I might not have liked it. But I would have accepted it. Because characters leaving for somewhere else is realistic. So it doesn't ruin the credibility of the programme at all. But to axe and recast the characters brings insult to injury. people changing in to other people is not something that happens in real life. So it's not something that should happen in Eastenders.

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