Thursday, 11 June 2009

no dogs allowed

No, not a rant about ugly women. (not yet) Actual dogs.

Dog's might seem a random idea for a blog, especially for me, but I was inspired by something I saw on tv. The programme was about people in Britain who buy dogs and train them to attack people as well as other dogs. I don't think people in Britain should be allowed to own dogs. I've thought that for quite a while. There has been cases of dogs in Britain killing people including small children. Ellie Lawrenson was a 5 year old girl mauled to death in Merseyside in 2007. The dog (a Pitbull Terrier) belonged to her family (source BBC news). Another dog attack, also in 2007 ended with a one year old baby boy, Archie Lee Andrew Hirst, being killed. This time by a Rottweiler. He was just 13 months old (source BBC news). In 2008 an elderly man was savaged to death by his own Rottweiler, after collapsing to the ground. Passers by did what they could to get the dog off him but the dog wouldn't let go. The dog bit off his nose, ears, and some of his fingers (source The Independent) Man's best friend? I don't think so. This is just a few of countless cases. Many dogs are bought by people, including gangsters, who deliberatly abuse their dogs to make them as dangerous as possible. The dogs are used for "self protection" and even as weapons. Many dogs have been found to have countless cigarette burns on them as they've been used as ashtrays. They have also been found to be missing patches of entire layers of skin after being forced in to dog fights. The injuries the dogs have suffered is absolulty horrific. For both the sake of people and the dogs themselves I think people shouldn't be allowed to own dogs. Not having a dog wouldn't be a big thing. People would soon get used to it. It just means not having a dog. Not exactly a massive void is it? It would mean no dog hair for pet sufferers. And no arguments between family members about "I'm getting a dog whether you like it or not". The fact is many people bring animals into the home despite the fact fellow family members are allergic to them. With no dog hair and dog mess in houses it would mean less cleaning. It would mean less metal tins being chucked in landfills, less animals being killed for dog food, less plastics being used for dog toys, so overall less resources being used...better for the environment! So how would this work? Simply "neuter" all male dogs and don't let any more into the country. The only exception being guide dogs. There are two dogs in my house (against my will!) and believe me, all they do is bark and bark and bark. And snarl when you go near their food. And just think...never having to step in dog's shit with your expensive new shoes again.


  1. " british people shouldnt have dogs''

    who are you to say they shouldn't own dogs, i'm a brit and I dont train dogs to fight.and the number of people who do train dogs to fight compared to people who dont, i'm sure there is a big difference between them. dont stereotype brits because of a few peoples mistakes.

  2. Hey there chum, glad to see you're getting along.

    Dogs are an important part of the food chain - and the urban ecosystem.

    You couldn't very well shop at a Tesko were it not for dogs.

    Keep on keeping on - we'll be watching.